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Massage Therapy by Rachael 

My name is Rachael Green and I serve the town of Macomb as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I grew up in nearby Camp Point, Illinois and attended WIU as a college student. Macomb has always felt like home to me. After graduating WIU, I lived in town for a few years, but then left for Arizona in 2007. 


While in Arizona, I received my training at ASIS (Arizona School of Integrative Studies). I then called Sedona home for the next eight years.  While studying massage at ASIS, I was familiarized with a broad range of modalities. We were instructed on Reflexology, Shiatzu, Polarity, Expectant Mother Massage (Perinatal), Hot Stones, Connective Tissue and NMT (Neuro-muscular Therapy.)  With the exception of Hot Stones, all of these modalities are offered as part of my services. Hot Stones will be offered at a later date. 


During my massage training, I found out I was to become a mother. So while I had planned on working as a massage therapist upon graduation, I had to put that dream on hold. I sat the NCBTMB board in 2008, just before my son was born. I passed and was finally a Certified Massage Therapist. I did not apply for my massage license at that time because I knew I wasn't going to start working for a while. I was, however, able to teach massage as an alumni of ASIS. I worked briefly as the Reflexology Instructor at their Flagstaff and Sedona campuses.  


Just as my son was old enough to go to school, my daughter was born. This pushed back my dream of pursuing massage therapy,  but I was so happy to welcome my daughter.  I continued my role as a stay-at-home mom. 


During my time as a stay-at-home-mom I had also been practicing massage therapy on friends and family.  This helped me keep my skills sharp. So even though I was not actively working, I still kept in touch with giving a massage. 


In 2017, we left Arizona and returned to the midwest. We wanted to live closer to family and that meant Macomb. After settling in, I applied for and received my massage license in the state of Illinois.  As a newly licensed massage therapist I only worked by word-of-mouth referral.  


In early 2019, a word of mouth referral yeilded a part time position at beYoutiful Skin Care Studio. My dream of sharing massage therapy has finally come true. Thank you, Macomb for being my home and the place where I get to share my dream.